What is the exemplary move supposed to be like? Safe, smooth and on time.

These are our priorities and we always make every effort to hear these three adjectives from our customers. What do we do exactly with all possessions that were entrusted us? These are three the most important steps:



The first stage is extremely important, because everything depends on it. You should properly plan actions and secure the load – that is crucial. Our employees can disassemble the furniture and reassemble it in the target location in accordance with its initial condition and appearance.



The load is packed and secured – we can hit the road. We have a fleet of modern and spacious vehicles that are properly equipped to transport all kinds of goods. We also have seasoned drivers with many years of experience.



When we arrive at the target location, we unload and unpack the secured load. Our customers can relax and drink a cup of coffee in the new venue while we take care of arranging the transported goods, equipment and furniture.



Everything we transport is insured in case of random incidents.

Useful tips

The move does not start when the lorry arrives at your house. It starts when you start to think about it. Making preparations is as important as the transportation itself. Even the tiniest details can influence the whole moving process. For this reason, making preparations should be approached with your full attention. Below, we present some useful advice and tips that should help you conduct your move quickly, smoothly and without any difficulties and allow to save your nerves, time, and money.

Schedules always prove themselves to be very useful, but during the move they are obligatory. By establishing priorities and order of particular tasks you will avoid chaos, complications and unnecessary stress. Make a list of tasks to do: before, during and after the move. Our expert will help you create a schedule of the move.

A good way of avoiding chaos during the move is to plan in a reverse order. Think through what you have to prepare in the target location. Check if a new house or apartment is big enough to fit all your furniture and equipment. It may turn out that some of your possessions will have to be stored for some time. The move is also a great opportunity to get rid of all items that you no longer need. This saves packaging materials and space in your new house.

Very often it is a day of moving which verifies the amount of things to be packed. In order to pack on time, you should give yourself even a few days. We’ll deliver cartons and all necessary materials in advance. Another solution is to leave packing and securing everything to the moving company. It saves a lot of time and you can be sure that your possessions are packed thoroughly and professionally.

Transportation of all goods on your own seems to be the cheapest way while organizing a move. Renting a car and involving your friends is tempting. However, this option may cause you a lot of trouble – no cartons, proper materials and skills in terms of securing the load and transportation – these are only some of many reasons causing complications and additional stress.
For this reason, there are moving companies that guarantee comprehensive services in terms of relocation and transportation quickly, safely and professionally. Such a service may seem more expensive but saved time, nerves and lack of damages caused by unexperienced employees is worth every price.

Choosing an appropriate moving company is a guarantee of a stress-free move. Do not trust advertisements. Ask your family, friends, colleagues – maybe they hired a moving company in the past and can help you with the choice. Find a company with good references from its previous customers. You should also ask about the insurance of the transported goods. While placing an order, be as specific as possible. Remember about providing the most important details, such as: the most convenient date of the move, addresses for loading and unloading, a specific number and type of transported furniture. Inform the company if you need cartons and if its employees should help you with packing. The more specific you will be about the parameters of the move, the more specific the pricing and the smoother the process of moving will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

The registered office of the company MAX-Przeprowadzki is located in Warsaw; for this reason, our most common destinations are the following districts of Warsaw: Wilanów, Mokotów, Ursynów, Włochy, Wawer, Wesoła, Ursus, Ochota, Wola, Śródmieście, Bemowo, Praga, Żoliborz, Bielany, Białołęka, Targówek , Rembertów, Sadyba, Gocław, Mysiadło, Saska Kępa.We also conduct many of our orders in the following locations in the vicinity of Warsaw: Mińsk Mazowiecki, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Wołomin, Pruszków, Otwock, Karczew, Góra Kalwaria, Józefów, Michalin, Falenica and many others.However, we also take orders of relocations in Poland and Europe.

Of course, we are authorized to carry out international transportation services. International relocations require even more attention by packing and securing the possessions due to the distance to be covered and proper preparations to each stage of the moving process. Apart from standard procedures, we also ensure preparing all documents that are necessary to conduct an international relocation.

You can do it in four ways:

  • using a contact form available here:
  • via email: [email protected]
  • by phone: 535-541-235
  • by paying a visit in our office: ul. Przyokopowa 5 in Warsaw

You should obey a rule: the sooner, the better. A relocation should be planned in advance. Optimally, you should let us know about two weeks before the date of moving. Of course, it is possible to move overnight. However, a time reserve allows us to plan thoroughly, deliver packaging materials, get rid of unnecessary things and take care of all formalities. Placing an order in advance has also another big advantage – confirmation that a date that interests you is free.

You can get your pricing offer in two ways: You can give us all information concerning your move by phone or via email. The more specific you will be about the transported goods and place of loading and unloading, the more specific the pricing and the smoother the whole moving process will be. An exemplary order should contain information concerning:
-the most convenient date of moving
– initial and target address
– floors and presence or lack of a lift
– amount and type of transported goods
Or you can choose another option, which we recommend: meet with our specialist and together create a list of goods and make all arrangements connected with the move.

Many people, who are looking for a cheap solution, decide to pack their things in bags or cartons available in supermarkets. However, such solutions do not guarantee that the transported things are safe. For this reason, MAX Przeprowadzki provides you for free with proven, resistant materials that are perfect for packing your belongings. Our team can also help you with packing. They will properly secure all your things and give some advice on packing your valuables.

Each move is different and requires individual approach. There are many factors that influence the final price of the service. One of these factors is the size of the move, i.e. the amount of goods to be transported. We also use this criterion to choose the most appropriate vehicle in a given case and determine a number of employees who will carry out the relocation. Other factors which influence the price are: in case of blocks of flats – the presence or lack of a lift and the floor on which an apartment is located; the driveway which enables to get closer to the building and the scope of the services included in the move.

The amount of time dedicated to a move is determined by three factors:
-the amount of possessions to be delivered
-the distance between the initial and target location
-if you pack on your own or leave it to the employees of MAX-Przeprowadzki A move of an apartment can take approximately 4-6h; in case of a house – 8-10h. Relocations of offices may take even a few days.

You can pay by transfer or in cash, after the service is completed. A down payment is required in case of international and domestic long-distance relocations.

Our main scope of activity are domestic and international moves as well as relocations of offices. However, we still expand our offer, which at the moment includes the following:
-relocations of houses and apartments
-international relocations
-relocations of offices
-technical works
-assembly and disassembly of furniture
– training sessions before a relocation
– relocations of IT environments
– relocations of confidential documentation and archives
– transportation of safes
– transportation of bulky items
– disposal of items in accordance with provisions of the law
– disposal of confidential documents.